Just like you, we love sport, we are active ourselves and we cannot imagine life without it. We know what comfortable and fitting sportswear is and what gadget is necessary during competition or training.
We specialise in servicing sports events such as running races, competitions, tournaments, corporate events, etc. from the point of view of gadgets and sports textiles for their participants.
By cooperating with us, You can be sure that You will receive a product that will meet Your expectations. We have tested most of the offered items ourselves, we know their quality and we know what to expect from them.  You will often hear from us that for some reason this product is not for You or does not quite fit the nature of the event You are organising. We don’t care about selling something, we care about making sure that both You and Your event attendees are delighted with the product we have made!
We understand that You may not be familiar with knitwear quality or printing techniques, rely on our expertise. We will advise you on what is the best choice, what decorating techniques to use so that the end result is the best in terms of appearance and usability as well as price.
Our offer includes thousands of products addressed to active people, there is no gadget that we are not able to produce. 
By entrusting us with the task of servicing Your event You can be sure to receive a product that conforms to Your order, meets all Your criteria and is delivered on time, as we know what Your event start date is. 

Medals are an indispensable part of any competitive event, a kind of crowning of participants, both the best and those who simply overcame their weaknesses and completed the challenge. 
In our offer you will find a full spectrum of medals, from the most popular ones, made of metal alloys, through ecological medals, made of wood or recycled materials, to very unobvious, transparent ones, made of Plexiglas. 
Increasingly, our customers are choosing medals with several layers or made from a combination of different materials, such as metal and wood or Plexiglas. Thanks to non-standard combinations we can make a unique medal which will make a great impression. 
All our medals are manufactured in 100% in Poland in accordance with European Union standards. You can be sure that the medal will not contain heavy metals, as is almost always the case with medals from the Far East. We deliver medals even within a few working days of ordering, we are able to save your event. Enquire about a quote for yourself today!

You can find a catalogue with all our sports textiles by clicking on the button below! In case of medals, please contact us, each one is priced individually.