Project & Sewing


Every sporting event, event or marketing campaign must have its own individual, unique, visual identity in order to stand out from the crowd. In the age of information overload and thousands of images that we experience every day, it’s extremely important to be original, unique, eye-catching and inducing to stop.
Visual identification should relate to the nature of the event, the mission of the company or the purpose of the action. In order to achieve this it must be unconventional, often puzzling and engaging for the recipient.
Thanks to our creativity and the vast experience of our graphic design department we can offer you the preparation of a personalised visual identity ideally suited to your needs. It can be a unique event logotype, which will be placed on clothing or gadgets and will represent the event. It can also be a completely individual design of clothing or gadgets, which will be produced on special order and will be 100% unique, one of a kind.
Thanks to our long-standing experience, during the preparation of designs we take into account not only your expectations but we also analyse possible problems during the later use of the prepared designs, such as the complexity of logotypes or the number of colours. By entrusting us with the task of preparing visual identification you can be sure to receive a project that is one of a kind, prepared creatively, specially for your order. A design that will take into account your suggestions and comments but at the same time will be the work of our ingenuity. A design that you will be proud of.

We all want to feel special. Draw attention to yourself in a positive way.   To stand out from the crowd. It is especially important in case of advertising products, they have to be like that.
In our company we can offer you the service of designing and sewing clothing and promotional gadgets from scratch, on special order, according to your vision, from materials selected for a specific project.
Such products will be characterised by a completely unique appearance, they will be 100% original, tailor-made. Thanks to them, the character of your company or the event at which they are to be used will be perfectly reflected. Thanks to them, you can be sure that they will remain in the memory of the recipients.
Such productions, apart from their individual character, are also distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship. All custom-made products are made in 100% in Poland by sewing workshops with many years of experience in the industry. Thanks to this we have control over the production process from the first to the last insertion of the needle into the fabric.
Contact us, tell us what your vision is and we will prepare a personalised design for you, which will then be reproduced and delivered to you in an almost identical manner, much to the delight of the final recipients. Your imagination is the only limit to this type of project.