For over ten years we have been importing, labelling and producing advertising gadgets.
We understand perfectly well, that everybody wants to feel special, that is why we treat our business partners in such a way. Our goal is to provide advertising gadgets best suited to the profile of our customer’s business, the budget he wants to spend on it and the target group it is supposed to reach. We want our product proposals to remain in the memory, especially of the final recipient, who will receive a gadget representing your company, we do not like to be boring.
In our offer we have almost 30tys of unique advertising products. From the most popular ones, such as lanyards or torneys, to completely unique, eye-catching products, such as levitating products, handicrafts or custom-made items in any shape or colour.
We use both global suppliers offering relatively inexpensive items, perfect for mass promotional campaigns, and small, local manufactures providing unique/unique products.
Our many years of experience have allowed us to select reliable suppliers so you can be sure that the goods you receive will be of the highest possible quality.
We use all available printing methods, there is no surface we cannot mark.
You have no idea for your promotional product? This is not a problem, we will certainly find for you many interesting and unique solutions that will delight you!

You can find all the  promotional gadgets we offer in our online service by clicking on the button below.