Top Quality Running Socks

from  3.29 € / pair

The optimally high upper is finished with a long non-pressing welt that ensures comfort of use, keeps the sock at the right height and at the same time allows free blood flow.

Protective zones made of frote knitted fabric have been placed in crucial points to minimise the risk of injuries during long distances in varied terrain.

Thus, one of the zones is located on the heel and extends from under the foot arch up to the Achilles tendon in order to maximally cushion this part of the foot.

The second zone has been placed in the toe area to provide cushioning while running uphill as well as to protect the toes while running downhill.

Another reinforcement zone placed on the instep protects the upper part of the foot from abrasion and micro-trauma.

The welt on the mid-foot stabilises the sock inside the shoe, and the ventilation mesh allows free air circulation, ensuring thermal comfort to our feet.

Socks recommended by SKYRUNNING POLAND


100% made in Poland. 
Production time about 12 working days.